Fun in the Sun

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Fun in the Sun

Thursday already? Today was our last full day at camp! As everyone gets ready to leave tomorrow, we of course had to end on a high note by having as much fun as possible! Here’s what the campers did today:


Discos had arts and crafts this morning followed by some rocket launching! After lunch they got to cool off with the super soakers and pool!


Our Pirate campers started their morning off by hiking to Horsetheif cave and having bible study! They also got to do archery and paddle around Frog Pond in the corcls!


The Pioneers had quite the adventurous morning where they went creek stomping and then had a cookout for lunch! Pioneers also got to get in the pool and do some arts and crafts.

Sports II

Today Sports II got to travel to Central Park where they got to cook out lunch, swim at the beach, play games in the area and relax on the last full day!


The Middlers got to had a water filled day! They started the morning off on the corcls at frog pond and spent the afternoon tubing down the river!

Water Adventures

Water Adventures spent the whole day here at camp! This morning they got to build rockets and shoot arrows at archery! Then in the afternoon they did arts and crafts, went corcling, and got into the pool!

High School Night Owls

Today the Night Owls woke up at noon and joined the rest of us for lunch! After lunch they got to go corcling, do some arts and crafts, and hop into the pool!