Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks

Naturally, the season of Thanksgiving has us all thinking about the things we’re thankful for.  Some have a tradition of taking turns around the table before the Thanksgiving meal and sharing one thing they are thankful for within the past year.  Some send out cards or letters to all of the people who have blessed them.  Some might keep a gratitude journal where they note down at least one thing each day that they are thankful for.  Whatever your tradition might be, sharing and demonstrating thankfulness is a good thing.

The Bible has a lot to say on the topic.  Paul commands us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  The Psalms are filled with shouts and praises toward God. “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever” (Ps. 107:1)!

So, as we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and as we honor the command in the Bible to give thanks, Camp Wyoming would like to share a few things that we have been thankful for this past year.  It has been a year of many changes, of new growth, of progress, of spiritual renewal, and of blessings.  We couldn’t possibly convey everything that we are thankful for, but we’d like to try to list just a few things and invite you to celebrate and be thankful with us.

  1. We are thankful for the support and gifts from the Presbytery of East Iowa, from churches, from individuals, and from families.  Because of their generosity and willingness to contribute to the Camp Wyoming ministry, we have been able to expand our staff and our offerings, continue to update our facilities, add new programs like 9-Square and Broomball, begin work on a much-needed new website, and continue to have an impact on hundreds of summer campers, retreat attendees, and rental groups that visit Camp Wyoming every year.
  2. We are thankful for the Camp Wyoming Board of Directors who give of their own time and energy to equip and lead this organization, ensuring that it is always healthy, growing, and meeting its mission of equipping people of all ages for a journey of faith.
  3. We are thankful for volunteers who this past year have helped us to renovate the Owl’s Nest bathrooms, safely cut down and remove dead trees, build our new Broomball ice rink, organize and assemble mass mailings, coordinate fundraising events like our Trivia Nights, run an effective summer camp program by serving as volunteer counselors or Pastors-in-Residence, fundraise for special projects, and ready the site in the Spring for the upcoming summer camp season.
  4. We are thankful for the stories people have seen and shared regarding the impact Camp Wyoming has had on their lives. Whether it be a summer camper who came to understand themselves as a valued member of God’s family or an adult who renewed their commitment to Christ after attending a retreat at camp, these stories remind us of why the Camp Wyoming ministry is important and valuable.
  5. We are thankful for the chance to work alongside the greater Church in serving the Kingdom of God and for the opportunity to carry on the Camp Wyoming ministry which has, for the past 53 years, been serving as a place set apart, a place where all who come can find rest, renewal, and an opportunity to explore faith and the work of God in their lives.