Popular author Gary Thomas’s book Sacred Pathways explores the idea that maybe all of us worship and connect with God in different ways.  “Within the Christian faith there are many different and acceptable ways of demonstrating our love for God. Our temperaments will cause us to be more comfortable in some of these expressions than others—and that is perfectly acceptable to God.”  Camp is a place that offers a variety of ways to worship God.  Some might enjoy dancing, singing, and clapping their hands, while others enjoy sitting in silence beneath the stars.  There’s no right or wrong way, and at Camp Wyoming, we want to offer campers the chance to explore many different kinds of worship avenues and environments that they haven’t necessarily encountered or thought about before.

Grooveship is one of the ways that we do that.  What is Grooveship?  It’s a unique worship experience designed to reach out to kids and teach them that connecting with God can be a fun thing.  Offering a blend of technology, dance, drama, liturgy, and interactive activities, campers get to experience God in new ways and through new avenues.  It might be a video that shares the story of Christ or a Scripture passage that hits home when it’s read in a new way.  Grooveship (a play on the word worship) is designed to meet kids where they are, using things that they interact with every day, to demonstrate that God is a real, active, and relevant part of every aspect of their lives.

Whether you like to dance or draw with chalk or pray or act, Grooveship allows you to explore how worship can be a creative, fun, and engaging experience.  What is your favorite way to worship?  Do you journal? Sing? Walk? Clap?  What forms of worship have you maybe never explored before?  We invite you to try something new this week, just like we challenge each of our campers to do here at Camp Wyoming.