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Halloween…Camp Style

By Stacie Hoppman October 28, 2015

Halloween is only 3 days away! In case you want to choose a costume that is Camp Wyoming-themed, we’ve come up with a few ideas just for you.

1. You could dress up as Paul Scott, Camp Wyoming’s infamous Maintenance Director. Paul is known for his burly exterior but kind and generous heart. Who wouldn’t want to be Paul for Halloween? For this costume, you will need a shirt with the sleeves cut off, a baseball cap (preferably something hunting themed), blue jeans, and cowboy boots. For added effect, you could drive a tractor or carry a tool box.

Paul, the Maintenance Director at Camp Wyoming, is pictured here in the black shirt and orange hat.

2. Be the Paint War Victor. For this costume, you’ll simply need as much white clothing as you can find…white shirt, white pants, white bandanna, white shoes. Then, splatter them with all different colors of paint. Be sure to add paint to your face, hair, arms, hands, and every exposed body part (avoid getting paint in your ears, eyes, and mouth, for obvious reasons). Identify which color team you are playing on with strips of that colored duct tape on your shirt, and even as “war paint” on your face. Carry around cups of paint to throw at people. (Be sure to ask before pelting someone with paint.)


3. Be a Pirate! One of our favorite camps is Pirate camp. There’s no end to the fun and imagination that can happen here. Make your own eye patch, pirate hat, and bead parrot. Carry a sword and be sure to address everyone you meet as “Matey!” Order your friends to walk the plank, and invite people to join you on your “treasure hunt” from door to door seeking candy. You could even build your own cardboard boat just like our Pirate Campers here at Camp Wyoming.


4. Be an adventurer. Camp is all about adventure. Wear a caving helmet and head lamp. Carry your flashlight and water bottle. Put on your hiking shoes, pull on your backpack, and be sure to add a life jacket for added effect. You could carry a canoe paddle and hang a lifeguard whistle around your neck to use when you need to get people’s attention. Put wheels on a kayak and get someone to push you up and down the sidewalk. There’s no end to the adventure at camp or to the fun and silly things you could do with this costume.


5. Dress up as camp’s Executive Director, Kevin Cullum. Kevin is known for being a little silly, sometimes crazy, and always unpredictable. He loves to sing loudly and off-key while doing terrible dance moves. He’s also very competitive and wants to win every GaGa ball game and Ultimate Frisbee competition. To dress up like Kevin, the most important part of your costume is the beard. From there, you’ll want to add a t-shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes or hiking boots. Be sure to sing the chorus to “Let it Go” at every house you trick or treat at in a loud falsetto.