Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday!

Welcome back to another beautiful day at Camp Wyoming, lets see how the campers spent it!

Explorer 🍁

Our Explorers floated around on the Corcls today, went Creek Stomping and finished their water activities with a dip in the pool! They also went swimming and did some Arts and Crafts!


The Discovery campers played Human Foosball, dabbled in Arts and Crafts and paddled around on their Corcls/caught frogs! They also went swimming and played in the Slip ‘n Slide!

Sports I ⚽️

Sports I campers started off strong with playing Flag Football and Kickball! They followed that with Archery and after lunch they tested their skills at the Challenge Course.

Pioneers 🧭

The Pioneers took a long journey to Horsethief cave where they heard the legend and had Bible Study! After coming back from their hike the group played Human Foosball, did some swimming, and created some art in Hickory Lodge.

Music, Arts, and Drama 🎭

Our  MAD campers bested the Challenge Course after having to walk around “land mines” and successfully lead their counselors to safety! In the afternoon the MAD campers got the chance to play various musical instruments and make an Improv band!

Middlers 🌸

The Middlers left the site today after swimming and trying the Challenge Course to head to Werden’s Cave! They finished their day with some Arts and Crafts!

Thrill Seekers 🎢

The Thrill Seekers visited Archery this morning and followed the with Bible Study, then in the afternoon the tested their balance at the Challenge Course with the Blindman Walk!

Mission Camp ✝️

The Mission Campers arrived Saturday, and left Sunday morning to head down to St. Louis for their mission trip! While on site they played Earth Ball, did some Challenge Course elements, and created strong bonds!