Happy Monday

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Happy Monday

Last night we got to welcome another group of campers to start our week! Today has been a warm day full of lots of activities and many water breaks! Here’s what the campers did today:

Discovery A

Today one of our Disco camps started their day off at the archery range and then headed into a bible study! After lunch they had an activity with the other Disco group and the Chaplin where they played a couple of games! They also had arts and crafts and cooled off in the pool!

Discovery B

This Disco group started off in the challenge course this morning and then headed to human foosball and to arts and crafts! After lunch they met up with the Disco A to play games and then cooled off in the pool before they had bible study!

Lewis Pioneer

Lewis kicked off their day playing tug-of-war against Clark and then headed to kayaking and arts and crafts! After lunch they cooled off in the pool, went to the challenge course and then went to sling shots before bible study!

Clark Pioneer

Clark played a mean game of tug-of-war against Lewis this morning, went to the archery range and had bible study! After lunch they were able to go kayaking and then cool off in the pool and in the creek while creek stomping!

Music, Arts and Drama

MAD campers get to do all the camp activities plus a little extra to practice their MAD skills. Today that activity was ukuleles and improv band. They got to practice the ukulele a little and then make some noise on the bongos! Aside from this activity they got to do arts and crafts, the challenge course and cool off in the pool!


Today the Middlers got to build and launch rockets, have a lunch cookout and do the challenge course before bible study! After bible study they were able to cool off in the pool and play games in the meadow!

Night Owls

Last night before the Night Owls went to bed at 2 a.m., they got to play tiki human foosball, glow in the dark capture the flag and a little fire spinning! After they woke up they were able to do some team building in the challenge course, go caving at Werden’s cave and cool off in the pool!

Extreme Adventure

This morning our Extreme Adventure campers left for their trip! They stopped about half way today and got to spend some time at an aqua park and sports park! Tomorrow morning they will continue their adventure to go white water rafting!