Happy Thursday and Welcome Back!

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Happy Thursday and Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the camp blog! I know you are anxiously awaiting to know what happened today, but don’t worry, you can scroll down and find out!

Lewis Pioneers 🧭

Lewis Pioneers started their day off with Corcling and Kayaking and Bible Study! After rest time they geared up to build and launch rockets and race on Pedal Karts!


Discovery campers started out with the Challenge Course and promptly followed that with cooling off in the Creek during Creek Stomping! After lunch they hiked to Horsethief Cave and went swimming!

Clark Pioneers ⛺️

Clark Pioneers started their day off in the cool air during Arts & Crafts but quickly moved outside after lunch as they set up their campsite for the night, went to Slingshots, and finished with Slip ‘n Slide and swimming!

Night Owls A 🌒

The Night Owls stayed up until 4am last night having an evening swim, a cookout dinner, and Arts & Crafts! When they woke up they went swimming, went Kayaking and frog catching, and took on the Challenge Course!

Sports II 🏆

Sports II only stuck around for a bit this morning as they played human foosball but after that they packed up and headed to Central Park where they had a cookout lunch, went Corcling, played games, and had Bible Study!

Night Owls B 🌙

Our other Night Owl group also stayed up until 4am doing Arts and Crafts, Extreme Spoons, and an evening swim! This “morning” they went swimming, visited the Challenge Course, and played Kayak Polo!

Thrill Seekers🎢

Once the Thrill Seekers were back from their overnight at Central Park they unpacked and had Bible Study! After some much needed rest time they went down to Archery and the Challenge Course!

Extreme Adventure 🚌

The Extreme Adventure crew returned home today but not before playing at a lakeside park, having ice cream, and “bear hunting” (scanning the trees looking for bears out the car windows)!