Hot! Hot! Hot!

by on July 17,2015 in Daily Updates with No Comments

It’s our final day of camp for this week, and it was certainly a hot one! Even though temperature often felt like they were over 100 degrees, we stayed cool doing water games, swimming, creek stomping, and making sure to take frequent breaks to get drinks and cool off. Tonight, at 7pm, everyone at camp will set out on the Christwalk, a special worship services where campers walk a path and meet characters from the life of Jesus along the way. Tonight we’ll learn about how each of us has a message to share with the world and how God has asked us to take our light and let it shine. Here’s what we were doing today:

Explorer Pirates
This group did arts & crafts, had Bible study, played 9-squre and GaGa ball, went swimming, and went creek stomping. At the creek, they also tested out cardboard boats that they built.

The Pirates went kayaking this morning and did Bible study. They went swimming in the afternoon and had fun using the SuperSoakers and slip ‘n slide to stay cool. They also made pirate swords today.

Lewis Pioneers
In the morning, the Lewis Pioneers had Bible study and went kayaking. This afternoon, they competed in the last event of the Pioneer Cup: a SuperSoaker battle! They also went swimming. After such a hot day, the cold pool feels very refreshing!

Clark Pioneers
The Clark Pioneers did archery and arts & crafts this morning. In the afternoon, the faced off against Lewis in the last event of the Pioneer Cup: a SuperSoaker battle! They also went swimming and played Beta Wolf with the Lewis Pioneers.

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up today at 4pm. They played GaGa ball and then joined the rest of us for breakfast (dinner for everyone else). Tonight, they’ll walk the Christwalk, and then when everyone else heads for bed, they plan to go night swimming, cook out, have Bible study, and decorate Deer Center for the traditional Night Owl themed breakfast on Saturday morning.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrillers made it back safe and sound from their overnight trip this morning. They walked the labyrinth during Bible study since the day’s theme is Prayer. They also did arts & crafts and archery.