Camp Talk

How to Stay Connected to Camp After Camp is Ended

By Stacie Hoppman September 24, 2019

Summer camp is such a special part of a child’s life. During their six days at camp, they make so many memories, meet so many friends, and learn so many new things. When parents come to pick them up on the final day, it is a bittersweet moment. Of course, campers are happy to see their families again and head back to the comforts of home. However, they are sad to leave their camp friends and all of the adventures that camp offers. Here are some suggestions for ways to stay connected to camp even after camp has ended.

First, stay in touch with your camp friends. Almost every camper goes home with a memory book at the end of the week. Get your friends and counselors to sign it, and get their contact info. Of course, social media info is great, but get their addresses, too. Write them letters. Remember how fun it was to get letters at camp? Keep the fun going and write each other letters! If you live close enough, plan a visit or an outing together.

Second, ask your church youth leader or Christian education director to plan a retreat at camp. Include even more people and partner with other churches to hold a larger retreat so you can meet even more people, just like at camp!

Third, teach your family some of the songs and graces you learned at camp. Sing them before meals or when driving in the car. Practice “spontaneous worship” or have camp-themed meals together.

Fourth, follow the camp social media pages. You can find camp on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to watch for special events like Winter Camp, fundraisers, and the opening of summer camp registration for next year!

Fifth, talk about camp with other people. Invite them to come with you next summer. Tell them about what you learned in Bible study (do you still know your memory verse), the people you met (what were your counselor’s names), and the things you got to do (what was your favorite activity). Make a plan for what camp program you want to do next year and encourage your friends to sign up early with you so you all get to come together.

There are plenty of ways to stay connected to camp. Hold your own technology free evenings as a family together and play games instead. Save your change and donate it to the scholarship fund at camp. Come to Winter Camp! Let us know what ideas you have, and we’ll see you next summer!