It's Camp Time

by on August 2,2016 in Daily Updates with No Comments

It's Camp Time

Today marks the start of our last week of summer camp this year at Camp Wyoming, and we have some wonderful campers here to share in our last time together! Here’s what we were up to today:

Our Discovery campers went kayaking and played sports and water games this morning. After lunch, they did arts & crafts, went swimming, and had Bible study.

The Pioneers did archery and went kayaking before lunch. In the afternoon, they did arts & crafts, went swimming, and had Bible study.

Sports II
Today the Sports campers started their day with arts & crafts before doing sling shots and playing flag football. In the afternoon, they played more sports, went swimming, and had Bible study.

The Middlers did arts & crafts and had Bible study this morning. They cooked out lunch over a campfire, did challenge course, tried out the sling shots, and went swimming.

Thrill Seekers
Our “Thrillers” started their day with team building in the challenge course. They also did Bible study, archery, and had their first canoe training session to get ready for their overnight trip. They also went swimming and cooked out pizza quesadillas over the fire for dinner!

High School Night Owls
The Night Owls went to the Maquoketa Caves this morning. In the afternoon, they had Bible study, did archery, and went swimming. They’ll stay up to 2am tonight having a card tournament and doing fire spinning.