Our Last Full Day at Camp

by on June 26,2015 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Right now, Christwalk is starting. If you’ve never heard of Christwalk, be sure to ask your camper about it when you pick them up tomorrow. It’s a unique worship service where campers meet characters from the Bible who share their stories of Jesus. Along the way, groups also have the chance to interact with the ideas and messages the characters communicate by singing, praying together, participating in a hand-washing ceremony, and taking communion. Tonight they will meet a shepherd who heard the announcement of Jesus’ birth, Joseph, the father of Jesus, Mary, the sister of Lazarus, Judas, and one of the travelers on the road to Emmaus. Our day is ending with this special service, but here are all of the things that kept us busy until now:

Archery, arts & crafts, swimming, snack, and Bible study kept this group busy all day!

Our Sports campers hiked to Horsethief cave and did Bible study there. They also went swimming, had a SuperSoaker battle, and went down the slip & slide!

The Pioneers did Bible study and walked the labyrinth, since today’s study focused on prayer. They also did archery, went kayaking, and of course, went for a swim!

Games, snack, archery, and swimming made up the bulk of this group’s day. They also did Bible study together and spent time in prayer.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrill Seekers returned from their overnight at Central Park Lake this morning. They had a great time and wished they could have stayed longer. After unpacking, they spent the rest of their day swimming, doing archery, and playing group games. Tonight after Christwalk, they plan to walk the labyrinth.

Night Owls
This group woke up just a few hours ago, in time to join the rest of the camp for dinner, aka, breakfast. They are going to make cardboard boats to race in the pool tonight, have Bible study, and spend the rest of the night decorating Deer Center for the traditional Night Owl themed breakfast on Saturday morning.

The LITs returned from their hiking trip just before lunch. They had a session on how to deal with homesickness and did arts & crafts. Tonight, they’ll have their closing ceremony, which includes creating their own time capsule, an ice cream social, group affirmations, and group prayer.