A Little Bit of Everything

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A Little Bit of Everything

Last night we had Paint Wars! Everyone had a blast.

Today was a busy day at Camp Wyoming. Every group was busy, trying to cram in as many activities as possible before the rain started this afternoon. It’s raining now, but we’re all set with indoor evening program games for tonight. All in all, it was a pretty great Wednesday!

The Discovery kids went for a ride in the hayrack this morning as they hiked to Horsethief Cave. This afternoon, they had snack and managed to get in a swim before the rain started.

Kayaking and frog catching was a huge hit with the Sports kids. They also went swimming, did arts & crafts, and had Bible Study.

This morning, the Pioneers played Beta Wolf (one person hides in the woods, while everyone else howls to them and tries to find them). They also went swimming, had snack, and did Bible Study.

The Middlers worked on teambuilding in the challenge course today. They also played Ultimate Frisbee in the pool and played games.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrill Seekers went hiking to Mystery Cave, had Bible Study, and packed for their overnight canoe trip. They leave tomorrow morning…just after the storms have ended and the sun will be out once again!

The Thrill Seekers leaving on their hike

Night Owls
This morning, the Night Owls woke up just in time for lunch, which was breakfast for them! They went swimming and did the challenge course. The weather tonight will dictate the rest of their schedule.

The LITs had Bible study this morning (planned and led by the campers). They also had sessions with Cassie, our Program Director, and Kevin, our Executive Director, on how to lead games and the American Camp Association standards. They are preparing for their overnight hiking trip. They leave tomorrow morning!