Marvelous Monday

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Marvelous Monday

Camp Wyoming campers had a fun-filled and busy first day of camp today! Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Explorer campers spent the day creek stomping, doing arts and crafts, and swimming. They also got a little wetter playing with the Super Soakers and on the slip and slide.


Discovery did the Challenge Course in the morning, sling shots before lunch, and spent the afternoon swimming and kayaking.

Sports I:

The Sports I group did arts and crafts and shot a few bullseyes at archery in the morning. In the afternoon, they swam and played games with other Tree Unit campers, before enjoying a cookout dinner.


Both Pioneer camps spent time playing games together in the morning before splitting off for building and launching rockets, swimming, and slip and slide.

Sports II:

Sports II campers spent time playing kayak polo, building and launching rockets, and doing archery.


The Middlers spent time today doing the Challenge Course, playing kayak polo, and doing arts and crafts. They also enjoyed a cookout lunch.

Night Owls:

The Night Owls joined us after waking up at 10 a.m this morning, and promptly headed to sling shots. They spent the afternoon building rockets, doing the Challenge Course, and exploring Werden’s Cave.

Water Adventures:

Water Adventure campers spent time doing the Challenge Course and playing kayak polo, before taking an afternoon tubing trip down the river.