A Merry Monday!

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A Merry Monday!

With the hot sun shining down on our campers, they have had a busy day trying to stay cool! Let’s see what that entailed!


The Discovery campers found coolness in paddling across Frog Pond in their Corcls, playing with the Slip ‘n Slide and SuperSoakers before topping it off with a swim in the pool!

Pirates 🏴‍☠️

The Pirates trekked deep into the forest on their hike to Horsethief after being challenged by the Challenge Course and beat the Log! Before it was time for their evening grub the pirates walked the plank into a treacherous pool (the swimming pool 🙂 ).

Lewis Pioneer 🧭

The Lewis Pioneers traversed the creek trail and found their way to Horsethief bright and early this morning! They then played Human foosball before cooling off with the Slip ‘n Slide and swimming!

Clark Pioneer ⛺️

Clark Pioneers had a busy day, which opened with some much needed Creek Stomping! Nothing cools the soul like getting muddy! They then built rockets and launched them in PJ Meadow and followed that by racing Pedal Karts against each other!

Middlers 🌸

The Middlers went off site today and went spelunking in Werden’s Cave! What better way to stay cool! They also visited the Challenge Course and played Earth Ball with the Night Owls!

Night Owls 🦉

The Nigh Owls stayed up late last night doing Fire Spinning and Capture the Flag! After waking up at 10 today, they filled their day with Earth Ball, Challenge Course and Swimming!

Water Adventures 🌊

Water Adventures competed in a fierce game of Kayak Polo, learned how to make some bead animals and took some time building their brain in the Challenge Course!

High School Night Owls 🌙

The High School Night Owls stayed up until 2am last night doing Arts and Crafts and Fire Spinning! Today they went swimming, bested the Challenge Course and are awaiting another late night!