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Well, we had a little bit of rain come through this afternoon, but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful day here at camp! This is what we were up to today:

Explorer Swim/Pirates
This group arrived this morning just in time for name games and swimming lessons before lunch. After lunch, they did sling shots and went on a treasure hunt! The whole camp waited out the thunderstorm that came through in Deer Center playing games, and then the Explorers were off to go swimming and do Bible study.

The Discos hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning and had Bible study in the cave. In the afternoon, they spent time building cardboard boats and played games in Deer Center during the storm. They’ll go swimming before dinner and can’t wait for Grooveship tonight!

The Pirates had an exciting morning! They did sling shots and then went on a treasure hunt to find the hidden birthday treasure for one of their very own pirates! They all got to enjoy a treasure of pirate gear, cookies, and juice! After that they did challenge course, cooked out lunch, had Bible study, played games during the storm, and went swimming.

The Pioneers had a unit wide activity today where they played all kinds of games like tug of war and ships & sailors. After that, they went to the challenge course together to learn about team building. This afternoon, they did Bible study, played games in Deer Center, and did arts & crafts. This evening they’ll go swimming!

The Middlers took a trip to Werden’s Cave this morning and had fun exploring. In the afternoon they went swimming, played games during the storm, and plan to go to Eden Valley tonight to have Bible study on the moon tower.

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up today at noon! They played 9-square, went swimming, and played games in Deer Center during the storm. Tonight, after worship, they will cookout dinner, swim, work on their cardboard boats, have Bible study, play Hungry Hungry Hippos, and do arts & crafts before going to bed at 6am!

Water Adventures
This morning, the Water Adventures group did Bible study and then jumped in the van to head to Lost Island Waterpark. They’ll be back this evening in time for evening program!