Monday Fun-Day

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Monday Fun-Day

Well, the weather was a little rainy today, but that didn’t stop us from having tons of fun here at camp! All the groups had full schedules and lots of activities to do. Tonight, we’re having tacos for dinner, and everyone is excited for Grooveship worship tonight!

Explorer I
The Explorers had Bible study and games this morning. In the afternoon, they did arts & crafts, had snack, and went swimming. Tonight they are going to cook out dinner over the fire!

The “Discos” went kayaking, played games, went swimming, did arts & crafts, had Bible study, and played volleyball. It was a very fun-filled day for this group!

The Pioneer had arts & crafts and a nature hike in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, they did Bible study, went swimming, and slid down the slip & slide.

This group played games in the morning and had a cookout lunch. They did great, even though it rained in the morning! In the afternoon, half of the group took a trip to Werden’s Cave while the other half did archery and kayaking.

Night Owls
This morning, the Night Owls went swimming, did some team-building activities, had Bible study, and did tie-dye in arts & crafts. Tonight, they are planning to take a trip to the lookout tower at Eden Valley.

Thrill Seekers II
The “Thrillers” went to Morning Glory this morning to help on the farm and serve the Table to Table ministry. This afternoon, they did arts & crafts, had Bible study, and went swimming.