Monday Funday

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Monday Funday

Welcome back to another week of camp here at Camp Wyoming! This week we have some very excited campers to be back or here for the first time! Despite the small rain we had today, we packed in a lot of fun! Here’s what the campers did today:


The Discovery campers started their day off in the challenge course learning how to work together as a new group, got to have bible study and were able to have a unit activity with the Pirates before the rain! After the rain they were able to make it to arts and crafts!


The Pirates built and launched bottle rockets, had bible study, and went on their treasure hunt where they found hats, swords and eye patches!


Pioneers did arts and crafts, built and launched bottle rockets and got some time in the pool before dinner!

Sports II

Sports campers got to go off site this morning to Werden’s Cave and got to go swimming this afternoon.


The Middlers played kayak polo this morning and then had a cookout for lunch. After lunch they got some time in the pool before the rain came and then finished their afternoon in the challenge course.

Water Adventures

Water Adventures were able to do arts and crafts, challenge course and kayak polo today!

High School Night Owls

The Night Owls woke up this morning at 10 a.m after staying up until 2 a.m! Last night they played tiki 9-square, glow in the dark capture the flag and then this morning did the challenge course and got to go to the Maquoketa Caves for some exploring!