Morning Glory: Living OUT God's Love

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Morning Glory: Living OUT God's Love

Our Summer Staff and farmers Bill and Donna Warhover pose for a group photo after a morning helping at the farm.

Camp Wyoming’s Summer Camp curriculum this year is “Inside Out.” Because God loves us, we can love others. God meets our needs, heals our wounds, and guides our steps, changing us on the INSIDE. And because of this inner change, we can go out and meet the needs of others, help heal their wounds, and share in their journey, taking the love of God that we have and giving it OUT.

Our Summer Staff learn from farmer Donna Warhover about the different kinds of plants grown at Morning Glory.

So, for this summer, Camp Wyoming has committed to taking God’s love OUT in a really big way. We’ve partnered with Morning Glory, a co-op in Mt. Vernon that grows organic fruits and vegetables. Every week, our high school campers are going to travel to Morning Glory to learn about the farm and food safety. They’ll get to see how fruits and vegetables are grown, and then they’ll get their hands dirty planting, harvesting, washing, and preparing the foods on the farm.

Summer Staff member Dawn helps harvest radishes.

Some of this food will come back to camp with them. Our cooks will use the fresh fruits and vegetables for meals at camp, and the campers will also get to enjoy them during their cookouts. They will feel a sense of investment and accomplishment as they participate in this essential part of the camp experience.

However, there is more to this partnership than just getting fresh produce for camp. This summer, our campers are also going to work to help plant, harvest, and prepare food for a ministry called Table to Table, a food rescue/distribution mission. Campers will prepare food that Camp Wyoming will donate to this ministry. Table to Table then takes the food and delivers it to agencies that serve the hungry, homeless, and at-risk populations.

Summer staff members Chloe and Jon help wash rhubarb so that it is ready for distribution.

We are very excited about this opportunity to apply what we are learning at camp, and to give the campers who come a chance to see and experience what it feels like to take the love of God that they have on the inside and turn it out to the world. They are going to dig in and be the hands and feet of God, sharing what they have with those who need it most. This partnership allows us to reach beyond the church walls, beyond the gate of camp, and into the homes of individuals and families throughout Iowa.

Summer staff member Alec shows off the basket full of white radishes that he picked.

Everyone talks about the community at camp, about the relationships that are formed, the lessons that are learned, and the connections that are made with God. This year, we want that community to reach out, to inspire others, and to touch the lives of the least of these. Interested in learning more or helping camp invest in this partnership and mission? Call our Executive Director, Kevin Cullum, at (563) 488-3893 or email him at kevin@campwyoming.net.

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