On This Day

by on July 9,2013 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Even though it’s raining and a little dreary outside, that hasn’t kept all of the campers here from jumping right in to a wide variety of activities. ┬áHere are just a few things happening at camp today:

The Explorers made bead lizards in Arts and Crafts.

The Discovery Campers played 9-Square this morning and are doing Crazy Concoctions this afternoon.

The Pioneer Campers participated in our nature program and made their own lightening bugs!

The Music, Arts, and Drama II campers are filming today- both a skit and a music video!

The Settlers decided to make the most of their rainy morning and went kayaking on Frog Pond and creek stomping.

The High School Night Owls are going swimming and doing Bible study this afternoon, as well as cooking out late tonight.

The LITs had Bible Study this morning and are going mini golfing this afternoon!