Parting Clouds

by on June 21,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

The weather remained gloomy today, but the Camp Wyoming grounds were warm with fun and smiles on our last full day. Here’s what each group did today:


The Explorers began their only full day at camp with kayaking, then stopped by arts and crafts and swimming in the afternoon.


Discovery campers launched rockets at PJ Meadow in the morning, and enjoyed Bible study, arts and crafts, and swimming after lunch.


Lewis Pioneers went on a rainy hike to Horsethief cave in the afternoon, after archery (and some tree licking) in the morning. Clark Pioneers enjoyed a morning of archery and Bible study, and an afternoon of swimming and water games.


Middlers A took a relaxing tubing trip down the river this afternoon, sandwiched by building and launching rockets. Middlers B explored Werden’s Cave in the morning, and chilled out in the afternoon with Bible study, swimming and canoeing.

Night Owls:

Rising at noon today, the Night Owls began the day with archery, swimming, kayaking and the Challenge Course, all before lunch! More sardines and Human Hungry Hippo games await them before bed at 4 a.m.

Leaders in Training:

The L.I.T.s came home this morning from Lake McBride and cleaned up from their trip. Before dinner, they practiced leading Bible study and group activities.