Camp Staff

Paul and Ethan

By Camp Bear Creek July 25, 2013

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Camp Wyoming.  There are people who cook the food, clean the facilities, answer the phones—people who you might never have met during a typical week at summer camp.  However, without these people, that typical week at summer camp might not be able to happen.  We very much appreciate our staff who work outside of the spotlight.

One of those people has been at Camp Wyoming for thirty years.  His name is Paul Scott, and he is our Maintenance Director.  Paul does everything from stocking firewood to fixing a flat tire on the camp van to upkeep of our buildings.  He’s a pretty important guy.

This summer, we are also privileged to have a Maintenance Assistant, Ethan, who is able to help Paul out with pretty much anything he needs.  Ethan also participates in our summer camp program, so you might find him sitting at your table for a meal or joining your group for evening program.


Paul and Ethan together make a pretty good team.  Whether it’s mowing the grass, fixing the water heater, or removing down trees, they’re always busy and working hard.  They’ve also become pretty good friends.  Each of them owns a motorcycle, and you can often see them on their bikes driving in to camp.  They both like wearing ball caps and sleeveless t-shirts and enjoy being outside.


If you see Paul or Ethan around this summer, be sure to thank them for all of the hard work that they do.  They’re just two of the people who help make Camp Wyoming such a great place to be.