It's Raining? Who Cares?

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It's Raining? Who Cares?

The day might have been rainy, but that didn’t put a damper on things here at camp! Everyone was still outside, wearing their raincoats and ponchos, and having fun. Here’s what our day was like today:

Explorer Pirates
The Explorer Pirates started their day off by putting yesterday’s Bible study into action. They made Thank You cards for all the staff and went around handing them out and personally thanking each person. This afternoon, they went swimming and then took at hike to Horsethief Cave for Bible study.

The Pirates did arts & crafts this morning and made eye patches. In the afternoon, they went swimming and then set their cardboard boats to sea in Bear Creek!

Lewis Pioneers
This morning, the Lewis Pioneers did archery by shooting at balloons on the targets. They also did arts & crafts, played 9-square, went swimming, and did Bible Study. Today, in the competition for the Pioneer cup, Lewis faced Clark in a game of Capture the Flag!

Clark Pioneers
The Clark Pioneers went creek stomping, played “Steal the Bacon,” went swimming, and had Bible study. Today, in the competition for the Pioneer cup, Lewis faced Clark in a game of Capture the Falg!

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up today at 2pm. They went swimming, did Bible study, and joined the rest of the camp for evening program, which is Granny’s Candy. Tonight, they’ll go on a night hike, go for a 1am run down the slip ‘n slide, and go night swimming. At 3am, they move on to arts & crafts, and early Friday morning, as everyone is just waking up, they’ll end their day with a trip to Werden’s Cave.

Thrill Seekers I
The Thrill Seekers left this morning for their overnight trip to Central Park. They’ll canoe, camp, cook out together, hike, and have Bible study. We’ll see them when they return tomorrow!