A Rainy Start

by on June 22,2015 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Hello parents! Hopefully you saw our updates on our Facebook page throughout the day. We had some storms roll through, but everyone was safe inside our storm shelters, and as of right now, the sun is attempting to come out, and we are back to our regularly scheduled activities! Usually, we will update the daily blog after dinner, but since we had so many curious parents, we’re updating a little earlier than usual. So, here are a few of the things we were up to today, despite the storms:

This group went kayaking this morning. In the afternoon, they did Bible study and had an arts & crafts session!

The Discovery kids wanted to take a silly picture. This is what they came up with…

Our Sports campers went hiking this morning and did the challenge course. After lunch, they played some games like 9-square, beach towel volleyball, and “Nuke ‘Em” volleyball.

Sports campers playing “Nuke ‘Em” Volleyball

The Pioneers went out a nature hike and played meadow games in the morning. In the afternoon, they played Beta Wolf, had snack, and did their Bible study.

The Middlers went swimming this morning (there was a very exciting game of Marco, Polo happening) and had Bible Study and games in the afternoon.

If you’re already getting wet in the rain, why not go swimming?

Thrill Seekers
The “Thrillers” did arts & crafts this morning and had Bible study. They plan to cook out dinner tonight!

Night Owls
This group went kayaking in the morning and had Bible study and arts & crafts in the afternoon. They plan to stay up until 2 am tonight and won’t wake up tomorrow until 10am!

Our LITs went to Morning Glory this morning. In the afternoon they did Bible study, challenge course, and learned about fire building.