Rainy Tuesday

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Rainy Tuesday

Today was a little damp and dreary, but we didn’t let the weather affect the level of fun we were having! In fact, we were not really bothered by the rain at all. The heaviest rain fall came when everyone was inside having lunch, so for the most part, we’ve still be outside and active. Here’s what we did today:

The Discos played 9-Square and GaGa this morning. GaGa is fast becoming one of their favorite games! They also went swimming, did arts & crafts, and had Bible study.

The Pioneers hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning and had Bible study. This afternoon, the played Beta Wolf, went swimming, and did arts & crafts.

The Middlers played soccer and GaGa ball this morning before doing tie-dye in arts & crafts. This afternoon, they did the challenge course, went swimming, and had Bible study.

Water Adventures
This group did Bible study this morning and then did archery. This afternoon, they went swimming, did the slip ‘n slide, and worked on team building in the challenge course.

Night Owls
This group woke up at 10:00am today. They did arts & craft, had Bible study, went swimming, and worked on building cardboard boats. They plan to sail the boats tomorrow afternoon in the creek. After worship tonight, they are going to cook out dinner and play volleyball at 2:00am.

The LITs had a full day. This morning they learned about leading and planning Bible studies. They then learned about how to pack for a hiking trip and prepared for their trip (they leave tomorrow morning). This afternoon, they went to the high ropes course to go rock climbing and go down the zip line.