Growing Faith Camp Talk

Why the Relevant Retreat?

By Stacie Hoppman October 14, 2014

In November, Camp Wyoming is hosting a retreat called Relevant for college students. We put a lot of thought into this idea and believe that retreats like Relevant are important—and not just for the students who attend them. Here’s why:

Studies indicate that 40-50% of all youth group students do not connect with a faith community after high school. Approximately half of the children and teens who fill our church halls throughout their adolescent years simply disappear once they leave for college.

There are many reasons why this happens. Most students report that they don’t feel ready to face the challenges that college offers. They feel lost trying to juggle social life, academics, and work as independent adults without, for the first time, the guidance of their parents. Many said they didn’t know how to go about even looking for a faith community to be a part of.

College is a time of questions. What will my future look like? What career should I pursue? Should I join this club or that fraternity? Can I handle this pressure? What choice should I make? It is a time of self-discovery, new-found independence, and growing up. At Camp Wyoming, we want to make sure that we can be a resource to these students as they ask questions about who they are as a Christian. Does my faith really matter? Should I pursue full-time ministry? How do I live a life of faith in a secular career? What does it even mean to be a Christian?

This is why we are hosting the Relevant retreat. We want to help these students find answers to these questions. We want to connect them to individuals and churches who can be there to give advice, offer support, and walk with them on their journey. We want to see these students find church homes long after they’ve left their high school youth group. These students are just learning who they are and who they want to become. Faith should be a part of that definition.

So, we are challenging you to think of the college students in your life. Would they benefit from this retreat? Would they benefit from dialog and relationships and community? Send them to the Relevant retreat. You can find all the information on the retreat page. Scholarships are available as well. Let’s start investing in our students and helping them navigate the questions that inevitably come with growing up. Let’s fill our church halls with their voices again. Let’s show them that faith is relevant.