Silly Thursday!

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Silly Thursday!

Welcome back to the daily blog, where we keep you posted on all the epic events happening here at Camp Wyoming! On to the updates!

Explorer 🍁

Explorer campers could have been mistaken for Water Adventures as they went Corcling, Creek Stomping, down the Slip ‘n Slide, squirted SuperSoakers and went swimming!


Discovery campers wandered all around camp today as they went to the Challenge Course, built and launch rockets, and hiked to Horsethief!

Lewis Pioneers 🧭

Lewis Pioneer campers went to the ends of camp as they visited the Archery range, went swimming, launched rockets, and raced against each other on Pedal Karts!

Sports I ⚽️

Sports I campers cooled down with some Creek Stomping first thing this morning before cooking over the fire during their lunch cookout! They finished the day with swimming and wiffle ball!

Clark Pioneers ⛺️

Clark campers opened their day with a hike to Horsethief Cave where they had Bible Study and did a scavenger hunt! In the afternoon they shot at slingshots, visited the challenge course, and went down the Slip ‘n Slide!

Middlers 🍄

Middlers woke up bright and early this morning as they had a breakfast cookout! They continued their day with Challenge Course, Sling Shots, and Kayak Polo!

Water Adventures 🦀

Water Adventures decided to stick around a bit more today as they visited archery this morning, followed by Bible Study, before heading out after lunch for their tubing trip down the Maquoketa river!

Seniors 🏆

Senior camped left site early as they left for a trip to Werden’s Cave as soon as activity hour was over! After they got back the went swimming and had Bible Study before having a cookout dinner!