Summer Staff

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Summer Staff

Being a camp counselor is a rewarding experience.  However, it’s also not the easiest of jobs.  At Camp Wyoming, we applaud the young adults who choose to spend their summers living in tents, singing camp songs, and cheering on their campers.  It’s certainly not a job for the faint of heart, and it takes commitment, effort, and lots and lots of energy.

Our summer staff play a very valuable role.  They make camp what it is.  It is their ideas and creativity that allow us to keep our programs exciting and challenging every summer.  It is their love for each camper and the Camp Wyoming ministry that make this such a great place to be.  Without them, there would be no summer camp.

So who are the counselors at Camp Wyoming?  Here are a few characteristics:

  • Our counselors are role models, parents, leaders, and guides.  They talk kids through homesickness, teach them games and songs, and look out for their well-being.  For the week that a camper is here for the summer, their counselor is the person they go to with questions, concerns, and joys.  Our summer staff work hard to develop positive and encouraging relationships with every child who visits the camp.
  • Our counselors inspire community.  Before the campers ever arrive on-site, the staff arrives for training and teambuilding.  They get to know each other, serve each other, and model a unique community of faith.  It’s what makes the camp experience so special—because everyone is welcomed and has their own place within a part of a larger body.
  • Our counselors are creative.  One of the great things about camp is the opportunity to try things that you might never experience otherwise.  We count on our staff to develop new games and programs, interact in different ways with the Bible, and work with different age groups to create a camp experience that is different, fun, and special each time you come.


Some counselors are with us for just one summer.  Some come back year after year.  Some of them grew up here, and some of them did not.  Either way, we are proud of our staff and all of the work that they do every summer.  They make Camp Wyoming what it is.