The Sun Has Come Out

by on July 29,2015 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Well, overnight, the rain stopped, and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming here at Camp Wyoming. Today has been absolutely beautiful, and all of the campers are taking advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures. Here’s what we were doing today:

This grouped hiked to Horsethief Cave for Bible study. Along the way, they hiked the Creek Trail and got to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment around them. This afternoon, they went swimming, did a scavenger hunt, and then cooked out dinner over the fire!

The Pioneers did archery and kayaking this morning. The boys were extremely excited about the giant bull frog they caught at the pond. After lunch, the went swimming, had Bible study, ate snack, played Mafia, and cooked out for dinner.

The Middlers went hiking this morning. They also went to the labyrinth and had Bible study. After lunch, their day was filled with swimming, snack, a GaGa Ball tournament, and cooking out dinner over the fire. They’re having barbecue chicken for dinner!

Water Adventures
This group did Bible study and then went creek stomping this morning. They tried out the mud slide and had fun doing cannon balls into the deeper areas of the creek. This afternoon, the went swimming, did arts & crafts, and got ready for cook out dinner.

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up just in time to join the rest of us for lunch! They did archery, finished working on their cardboard boats, and then tried the boats out in the creek! After everyone else goes to bed tonight, they plan to have Bible study, play Ultimate Frisbee, and then hike to Horsethief Cave where they’ll be spending the night!

The LITs left on their overnight hiking trip this morning. On the trip, they plan to learn about leading a cookout, have a session on behavior management, and do group prayers.