Sunny Days of Fun

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Sunny Days of Fun

Camp Wyoming campers spent their first full day of camp soaking in the sun, and having tons of fun! Here’s what we did today


Discovery campers began their day in the Challenge Course and had Bible study, then swam, did kayaking, and played games in the afternoon.


The Pirates spent time in the Challenge Course and in Bible study, then, in the afternoon, walked the plank in the pool and had a treasure hunt.


Pioneer campers played group games in the morning and spent time in the Challenge Course, and for the afternoon, they swam, and built and launched rockets before Bible study.

Final Countdown:

Final Countdown campers had their pick of activities like canoeing, archery, kayak polo, building and launching rockets, arts and crafts, and had paddleboarding as an off site trip. Some campers just spent time hanging out and playing games.