Swimming in the Sunlight

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Swimming in the Sunlight

Tuesday was a beautiful day for campers here at Camp Wyoming! Here’s what we did today.


Explorers spent their last day at camp doing sling shots, Bible study, and kayaking, with swimming in the afternoon before they headed home.


Discovery campers had a full day of archery, Bible study, rocket building and playing in the zorb balls, with swimming and arts and crafts in the afternoon.

Sports I:

Sports I campers took a morning hike to Horsethief cave, and played on the slip and slide and swam in the afternoon. They also played in the zorb balls with Discovery campers.


Pioneer campers worked together in the Challenge Course today, played in the zorb balls and went swimming and canoeing.

Sports II:

The Sports II group launched rockets and played bubble soccer in the morning, and swam and did the Challenge Course in the afternoon.


The Middlers took a trip to Werden’s Cave in the morning, and played Human Foosball before lunch. In the afternoon, they went swimming, did Biblr study, and played bubble soccer before enjoying a cookout dinner.

Night Owl:

The Night Owls woke up for the day around noon, and headed to archery, canoeing and swimming after breakfast. They’ll enjoy arts and crafts and a night swim before bed at 6 a.m.

Water Adventures:

Water Adventure campers took an afternoon trip to Werden’s Cave, but not before building and launching rockets, doing Bible study, and playing bubble soccer with Sports II campers.