Tasteful Tuesday

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Tasteful Tuesday


Last night’s worship looked a little different than normal. Instead of singing songs outdoors by the fire, campers were led inside of Deer Center to participate in Grooveship, a high energy dance worship with several Christian pop songs. Counselors stand on stage leading the actions while campers follow along. 

Here is a look at each team’s activities today.


We said goodbye to this group of Explorers this afternoon. Before they left, they had Bible study, arts and crafts, and swimming.


Discovery built rockets out of 2 liter bottles which they got to launch over PJ Meadow using an air compressor. In addition, they rolled around in Zorb balls with the MAD campers, had arts and crafts, went swimming, and took turns on the slip n’ slide.

Lewis Pioneers 

Lewis Pioneers rolled and pushed each other around in the Zorb balls this morning and had an outdoor cookout for lunch. With swimming and arts and crafts in the afternoon, the pioneers will get ready for an overnight camp out in PJ Meadow tonight.

Clark Pioneers 

Clark Pioneers started their day with kayaking on Frog Pond. They did Zorb balls with Lewis Pioneers, swimming in the afternoon, and had a cookout dinner. The pioneers are getting ready for an overnight camp out in PJ Meadow tonight.

Music, Art, and Drama

In the morning, MAD camp had an improv band with ukuleles, they played with Zorb balls with Discovery, and went kayaking on Frog Pond. The rest of the afternoon consisted of swimming, arts and crafts, and Bible study.


The Middlers played bubble soccer in Zorb balls with the Thrill Seekers before having a Bible study and making their way through the challenge course. In the afternoon, they played kayak polo, did arts and crafts, and went swimming.

Thrill Seekers

The Thrill Seekers spent the afternoon climbing walls and going down zip lines at an off-site high ropes course. Before leaving, they played bubble soccer with the Middlers, had Bible study, and practiced archery.


After participation in bubble soccer this morning, our CIT campers left for an overnight camping trip at Central Park. There they will play games, learn how to lead activities, practice skills of being a counselor, and have cookouts.