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Thank You 2013 Volunteers!

By Camp Bear Creek August 3, 2013

We’re coming to the end of another fantastic summer season.  As we get ready to say good-bye for the final time tomorrow, it seems fitting to spend a little bit of time remembering the summer and all of the fantastic people who helped make it possible.  At Camp Wyoming, we have fantastic staff, but we couldn’t do what we do without the volunteers who help ensure that Camp Wyoming is everything it can be.  From work groups to volunteer counselors to pastors-in-residence, so many different people this year gave their gifts and their time as a contribution to the Camp Wyoming ministry.  We are so grateful to each and every one of you.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!  Thank you for the back-breaking effort you put into updating our facilities, for the many nights you sat up with homesick campers, for the Bible study questions you answered, for the planning and organizing you helped with, for allowing campers to cover you in mud from the creek just because it made them laugh.  We know it’s not always easy, but we are so grateful to everyone who volunteered with us this summer.  Know that we appreciate you all!