Thank You Volunteers

by on August 9,2012 in Camp Staff, Camp Talk with No Comments

Throughout the year and especially during the summer camp program, many people come together to help make camp everything it can be.  This summer, we had volunteers from within the camp community who came and gave their time for a week to serve as counselors.  Even people who had never been to Camp Wyoming before were willing to come out at the invitation of a friend and help with our T.T.T. program or as a volunteer counselor.  Work groups helped repair the benches at the fire circles and chapels, put up signs marking the different areas around camp, and built new games like GaGa and Carpet Ball.  All kinds of people from the area helped to build, furnish, and complete the new Welcome Center.  Pastors came out to participate in camp activities with the kids and lend their support to the spiritual program.  Camp Wyoming would like to thank all of these people for sharing their time and talents and giving to the ministry of camp.  We couldn’t have done it without you.