The Beginning of the End

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The Beginning of the End

Yesterday we welcomed the last groups of campers to Camp Wyoming for the summer. As per usual, campers participated in introductory games, were introduced to color wars, and ended the evening with a campfire worship. Campers will become more acquainted with each other and Christ as they participate in games and activities throughout the week. 

Here is a look at what each group did today.


Discovery campers got wet and muddy this morning after going creek stomping. In the afternoon they had Bible study, solved team-building puzzles in the challenge course, and went swimming.


The Pirates went on a treasure hunt this morning and had to solve riddles in order to find the hidden treasure. In the afternoon they built rockets out of 2 liter bottles, went on the slip and slide, and swam in the pool.


This morning, Pioneers built rockets out of 2 liter bottles and launched them over PJ Meadow. They also got to race one another in pedal karts, work together to overcome obstacles in the challenge course, and go swimming.

Sports 2

Sports Campers started the day by playing games with other camp groups with a giant inflatable “earth ball.” They played flag football, went swimming, had Bible study, and played kayak polo on Frog Pond.


Middlers participated in “earth ball” games with Sports and Water Adventures this morning. Later on, they went swimming, practiced archery on the target range, and had a cookout dinner.

Water Adventures

After playing “earth ball” games with the other camp groups, Water Adventure campers had swimming, kayak polo, arts and crafts, and enjoyed a cookout dinner.