The Penultimate Episode

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The Penultimate Episode

Paint Wars

Certainly the most iconic of our Color Wars games is Paint Wars. Campers carry around cups of their team’s color paint and dump it on each other in games such as time trials, capture the flag, and free for all. Campers start the evening with a plain white shirt, but after paint wars, many are covered head to toe in red, blue, green, and orange.

Here is a look at what each group did today.


Discovery had Bible study and arts and crafts this morning. After a cookout lunch, they had swimming and archery in the afternoon.


The Pirates constructed their own vessels out of cardboard, tape, and balloons which they used to race across the pool in. They were then sent to walk the plank. After lunch they had arts and crafts and paddled across Frog Pond in Corcls.


Pioneers got wet and muddy this morning from going creek stomping and going down the mudslide. The rest of the day included arts and crafts, shooting slingshots, Bible study, and swimming.

Sports 2

Sports campers started the day by taking an off-site trip to explore Werden’s Cave. They played volleyball, had Bible study, solved puzzles in the challenge course as a team, and went swimming.


This morning Middlers took some time to explore nature and have a Bible study. After a cookout lunch, they played kayak polo on Frog Pond, played volleyball, and went swimming.

Water Adventures

Water Adventures practiced archery this morning and had a Bible study. They spent the afternoon on a relaxing tubing trip down the Maquoketa River.