The Zorb Balls Are Back!

by on July 26,2022 in Daily Updates with No Comments

The Zorb Balls Are Back!

It’s Tuesday and you know that that means, Zorb Ball Day! The day where every group gets to roll around or play Bubble Soccer with the Zorb Balls! Let’s see what else we did today!


Discovery campers started their day off in the cool air as they visited Hickory for some Arts & Crafts. They followed that with Archery and rest time before hopping in the pool!

Lewis Pioneers 🧭

Lewis Pioneers made all sorts of stuff in Arts & Crafts today, and followed that with time to Free Play before lunch. After lunch they jumped in the pool before making their way down to the Challenge Course!

Pirates 🏴‍☠️

The Pirates had a lovely Treasure Hunt today and found swords, eye patches, beads, and mustaches! They also went to the Archery range, swimming, and had Bible Study!

Clark Pioneers ⛺️

Clark Pioneers went Corcling this morning, followed by game of Human Foosball! After lunch they took their aim to the Archery range and had Bible Study by the Creek!

Final Countdown ⏳

In the morning Final Countdown campers either went to Werden’s Cave or stayed back for a boat competition and Bubble Soccer! In the afternoon the campers either went to Central Park, High Ropes at Camp Shalom, or staying on site for Bubble Soccer and Swimming!