Thrilling Thursday!

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Thrilling Thursday!

Battleship H2O

Middlers, Water Adventurers, and Night Owls played a game of Battleship H2O in the pool last night. The game involves two canoes which will both have 3 campers inside. The canoes will be brought next to each other while the campers use buckets and sponges to frantically pour water out of their canoe and into their opponent’s. The game lasts until one of the boats capsizes.

Here is a look at each team’s activities today.


Discovery campers had a busy day today with a Bible study, shooting slingshots, a hot dog cookout for lunch, playing four square, swimming, and shooting archery. 


Pirate campers built rockets out of empty bottles and launched them over PJ meadow. They had time for swimming and slip n slides in the afternoon and a scavenger hunt for treasure in the evening.

Lewis Pioneers 

After returning from an overnight campout in PJ Meadow, Lewis Pioneers spent time on the water this morning by kayaking around Frog Pond. They also swam, had a Bible study, and worked together to complete the challenge course.

Clark Pioneers 

Clark Pioneers also camped out in tents overnight in PJ Meadow. They went creek stomping complete with a mudslide and a contest of who could get the muddiest. Later on they had arts and crafts and more swimming.


The Middlers were tested on their teamwork to overcome obstacles in the challenge course. They had more swim time, a cookout for dinner, and played games with a giant inflatable “earth ball” with the Night Owls.

Water Adventures 

In the morning, Water Adventure campers practiced archery, had arts and crafts, and a Bible study. After lunch, they took a 3 hour tubing trip down the Maquoketa River.

Night Owls 

After midnight last night, the Night Owls were out having a cookout and playing Live Mafia. This afternoon, they went swimming and played “earth ball” games with the Middlers. 

High School Night Owls 

The High School Night Owls enjoyed more games and cookouts after midnight last night. Today, they got to go swimming and take an off-site trip to Maquoketa Caves State Park.