Thriving Thursday

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Thriving Thursday


With the air quality index growing higher, we’ve had to adapt and cancel or change certain events that happen around camp. Still, we have managed to have an exciting and eventful day.

This is what each group did today.


Explorers had arts and crafts this morning and then got muddy by going creek stomping and going down the mudslide. They had more swimming in the afternoon with lots of indoor games and activities throughout the evening.


Discovery shot archery this morning and then went to arts and crafts. In the afternoon, they went swimming, had Bible study, and made music in an improv band.

Lewis Pioneers 

Lewis Pioneers build rockets this morning out of 2 liter bottles which they later got to launch over PJ Meadow using compressed air. In addition, they played human foosball, learned about nature, and went swimming.

Clark Pioneers 

In the morning, Clark Pioneers had Bible study, archery, and arts and crafts. The rest of the day consisted of playing human foosball, shooting slingshots, and going swimming.

Music, Art, and Drama

MAD campers took some time this morning to examine nature and have arts and crafts. They were later challenged to work as a team to overcome the challenge course, had Bible study, and went swimming.


With their tubing trip cancelled, Middlers got out their tubes anyway and spent some extra time in the pool today. There were lots of games and activities in the afternoon including slingshots, arts and crafts, and Bible study.

Thrill Seekers

Although Thrill Seekers had to return early from their kayaking trip, they still had an eventful day planned. This included swimming, arts and crafts, Bible study, and an off-site trip to explore Werden’s Cave.


CIT campers have been showing great leadership with the younger campers and have been leading games, worship, arts and crafts, and Bible studies.