Thursday Fun

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Thursday Fun

Happy last full day of camp for the week!! We have had a lot of fun this week and are very sad for everyone to leave. Here’s what the campers did today:

Discovery A

Disco A had a wild day of fun here! They started off by building and launching bottle rockets and finished the morning in bible study. After a little rest time they cooled off in the pool and got to slip n’ slide!

Discovery B

Disco B had a light start to their morning where they spent time shooting rocks at slingshots, had a bible study and made some crafts! After lunch they went swimming and did the slip n’ slide with Disco A before their cookout!

Lewis Pioneers

This Pioneer group played human foosball and had a bible study before their lunch cookout! After the cookout, they launched their bottle rockets out in PJ meadow and went swimming!

Clark Pioneers

Clark started off the morning with a hike out to Horsetheif cave! They were able to explore, hear the Horsetheif story and of course have their bible study! After lunch they had arts and crafts, sling shots, swimming and human foosball all before they cooked out for dinner!

Music, Arts and Drama

Today our MAD camp went creek stomping and had bible study before lunch! Later in the day they corcled and kayaked, had a dance party did arts and crafts and went swimming!


The Middlers started the day off at Frog Pond corcling and then went to arts and crafts! After lunch they left for their tubing trip! They have spent the afternoon on the river, floating away!

Night Owls

Our Night Owls are slowly coming back to a solid sleeping schedule!  They finally joined us today at noon just in time for lunch! After lunch they played kayak polo, went to arts and crafts and hopped in the pool!

Extreme Adventure

This morning the Extreme Adventure campers had a quick breakfast cookout and packed up to come back to camp! They drove all day and finally joined us right before dinner!