Time Flies

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Time Flies

We had another full day here at camp, and to be honest we cannot believe it is already Thursday! Time really does fly when you are having this much fun. Here’s what we did today:

The Discovery campers started the day off right by creekstomping and playing in the mud, then followed up with bible study before lunch. This afternoon they worked together on the challenge course, got creative in arts and crafts, and went swimming.

Maple MAD
These actresses spent the morning working on the upcoming production and are getting very excited for the performance! They also shot bows and arrows at archery. This afternoon they went swimming, had bible study, and cooked their supper this evening over the fire.

Jazzy MAD
The MAD campers spent their morning rehearsing and laughing, before heading to arts and crafts, and cooking out lunch over the fire. This afternoon they practiced more, shot arrows at archery, and went for a swim.

The Pioneer campers kicked off the day with sling shots and arts and crafts. They cooked over a fire for lunch, yum! This afternoon they had the chance to try out canoeing, go swimming, learned about Standing Up in their bible study.

The Middlers have been having a blast with everything they’ve done this week, and today was no exception! This morning they worked together on the challenge course, and had bible study. This afternoon they hit the river on a tubing trip to soak up the sun and sing songs the entire trip.

Night Owls (Platform Tents)
The Night Owls slept peacefully in bed until 2 o’clock this afternoon! They headed to the challenge course for some team building, went swimming, and ate sandwiches for breakfast. This evening they headed to Eden Valley to do their bible study on the Moon Tower. Both Night Owls groups will join together to go explore a local cave in the middle of the night tonight. They’ll do some arts and crafts and go for an early morning swim tomorrow before going to bed at 8am.

Night Owls (Treehouses)
The Night Owls felt well rested this morning as they worked together on the challenge course and went for a swim before eating a hearty breakfast of ham and cheese wraps.┬áBoth Night Owls groups will join together to go explore a local cave in the middle of the night tonight. They’ll travel to Eden Valley in the morning for a sunrise bible study before hitting the hay at 8am.

Extreme Adventure
The Extreme Adventure campers went rock climbing today! They climbed as high as 45 feet up a rock face in Michigan and also got to see some stunning views. Tonight they’ll go to a lookout point to watch the sun set and do Bible study.