Toasty Tuesday!

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Toasty Tuesday!

Happy Summer Solstice! The day has been long and hot and the campers have been busy with some fun activities!


Our Discovery campers filled their day with Archery, swimming and of course rolling around in the Zorb Balls! Nothing like sprinklers and Zorbs!

Pirates 🏴‍☠️

The Pirates went on a mighty fun treasure hunt and struck gold at Deer Center! They then went to launch rockets, swimming and Zorb balls with the Discovery camp!

Lewis Pioneer 🧭

Lewis Pioneers went Creek Stomping to stay cool and then topped that off with swimming! They then visited the Challenge Course and were met with SuperSoakers to stay cool!

Clark Pioneer ⛺️

The Clark Pioneers visited Frog Pond and rode around on our Corcls before competing against each other in Human Foosball! After Lunch they went swimming and got some great shots at Archery!


Middlers 🌸

The Middlers had a lunch Cookout today, after some intense archery and Bubble Soccer with Water Adventures. After their cookout they visited Arts and Crafts and took a dip in the pool!

Night Owls 🦉

The Night Owls woke up at noon and after “breakfast” went off to Werden’s Cave! Once they got back they did Bubble Soccer with the Middlers and took a swim in the pool!

Water Adventures 🌊

The Water Adventures weren’t seen much on site today as they went to Central Park to have a cookout lunch, swim, play games, and paddle around on the Corcls!

High School Night Owls 🌙

The High School Night Owls started off with Kayak Polo this morning before doing a WILD Challenge Course! Later they competed against the Night Owls in a mean game of Bubble Soccer!