Today's Adventures

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Today's Adventures

Hey parents! Want to know what your kids are doing while they are here with us at camp? Here’s just a few of the many activities we’ve been busy with today:

The Explorer Campers had a busy day. They hiked to Horsethief Cave, did arts & crafts, and are cooking tacos and s’mores over the fire for dinner tonight!

The Discovery Campers tried the Elephant Shoes and the All-Aboard in the challenge course today. They didn’t think they could do it, but with a little teamwork, they managed to walk across the meadow on the Elephant Shoes and get everyone balanced on the All-Aboard.

The Pioneers went creek stomping this morning and swimming this afternoon.

The Settlers went kayaking this morning. They had kayak races through an obstacle course on Frog Pond. This afternoon they went swimming and practiced their archery skills.

The High School Night Owls slept in a little this morning after being up until midnight last night. They cooked out for breakfast and then worked on team building in the challenge course. They successfully did “The Wall!” This afternoon, they went on a tubing trip on the Maquoketa River.