Tons of Rain Tuesday

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Tons of Rain Tuesday

Tons of rain but also still tons of fun! We had a great time stomping around in the mud and dancing in the rain! Here are some of the things our groups did today.

Discovery: The Discovery kids started their day with a hike to Horsethief cave where they got to explore the cave, and had bible study. Afterwards they built and launched rockets, and went swimming!

Sports I: 

The Sports boys started their day playing flag football and soccer; they also did arts and crafts, and archery!

Pioneer Lewis:

The Lewis Pioneer’s had a lot of fun today! They did arts and crafts, corcls in frog pond, slip ‘n slide, and went on a hike to Horsethief cave!

Pioneer Clark: 

The Clark Pioneer’s started their day off with creek stomping, then they completed the challenge course together, and went swimming!


The Middlers started their day by staying dry in Werden’s cave, then they did sling shots and had a cookout dinner!

Thrill Seekers:

The Thrill Seekers went on their first off site trip today to a high ropes course. They also did archery and arts and crafts!


The Seniors had a great day! They completed the challenge course, built and launched rockets, and played fun pool games during swim time!

Counselors in Training: 

The CIT went on an off site trip today to Central Park! They swam, had a cookout lunch, and played games and activities!