Warm Wednesday

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Warm Wednesday

Battleship H2O

Middlers, Water Adventurers, and Sports 2 played a game of Battleship H2O in the pool last night. The game involves two canoes which will both have 3 campers inside. The canoes will be brought next to each other while the campers use buckets and sponges to frantically pour water out of their canoe and into their opponent’s. The game lasts until one of the boats capsizes.

Here is a look at what each group did today.


Discovery campers dressed up in costumes and sang karaoke this morning before going to Bible study. In the afternoon they shot slingshots, took Corcls out on Frog Pond, and went swimming.


This morning the Pirates had Bible study and took time to explore nature. After a cookout lunch, they had more games, practiced archery on the target range, and went swimming.


Pioneers had Bible study this morning before they went down to Frog Pond to do some kayaking. They had arts and crafts and swimming in the afternoon. They are getting ready for their overnight campout at PJ Meadow.

Sports 2

Sports campers started the day with archery on the target range. They played ultimate frisbee, went swimming, played wiffle ball, and had arts and crafts.


Middlers had Bible study and arts and crafts this morning. They spent the afternoon on a relaxing tubing trip down the Maquoketa River.

Water Adventures

Water Adventures left this morning and spent the day at Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo.