We Are Thriving This Thursday

by on July 29,2021 in Daily Updates with No Comments

We Are Thriving This Thursday

Wow I can’t believe this was our last full day! Don’t worry it did not disappoint, keep reading to see what all of our campers did today!


Our Discos had a great day today! Some of them went on a hike and did archery, and our other group did slip ‘n slide, and sling shots. But then they came together for swimming in the afternoon!

Pioneer Lewis: 

The Lewis Pioneers started their day off with creek stomping! Then they did archery, and went swimming!

Pioneer Clark: 

The Clark Pioneers did lots of fun things today! They did corcls in frog pond, went to arts and crafts, and had a cookout for lunch!

Final Countdown: 

The Final Countdown campers had a ton of fun options today! Their off-site trip was tubing, and some of their options at camp were building and launching rockets, earth ball, the challenge course, and swimming!