On Wednesdays We Have Fun!

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On Wednesdays We Have Fun!

Today was another great day spent with each other at camp! Check out what we did on this wonderful Wednesday!

Discovery campers went on a hike this morning to have bible study and hear the exciting story of Horsethief Cave. This afternoon they build cardboard boats that they will race in the pool on Friday. They also did some arts and crafts, swimming, and are cooking their supper over the fire this evening.

Maple MAD
After cooking breakfast over the fire, these actresses spent most of the morning rehearsing lines, songs, and dance numbers. They also found time to do some arts and crafts and slingshots before lunch. This afternoon they had bible study and went swimming, and practiced more of the performance.

Jazzy MAD
This morning, the MAD campers spent time rehearsing their lines and getting their parts down. They also splashed around in the creek during creekstomping. This afternoon they had more time to rehearse, did bible study, and went swimming.

The pioneers started the day hunting for their counselors in the woods while playing Beta Wolf (they won)! They worked as a team on the challenge course and spent some time doing water activities like slip ‘n slide, SuperSoakers, and swimming. They cooked out for supper tonight!

The Middlers spent the morning exploring Werden’s Cave and playing GaGa Ball and 9-Square. This afternoon they went swimming, played around on the slip ‘n slide, and cooked out supper. They headed to Eden Valley to climb the Moon Tower and do their bible study.

Night Owls (Platform Tents)
The Night Owls woke up at noon today, ate sandwiches for breakfast, and spent the entire afternoon tubing down the river. This evening they’ll hunt for their counselors in Alpha Wolf, play a real-life version of Hungry Hippos, build and race cardboard boats, and do some arts and crafts. They have a busy night ahead!

Night Owls (Treehouses)
These Night Owls felt well-rested after spending the night sleeping in Horsethief Cave. They went swimming, made bracelets, and shot some arrows at the archery range. This evening they’ll join the other Night Owls for Hungry Hippos and racing cardboard boats.

Extreme Adventure
Today the Extreme Adventure campers went white water rafting! They all managed to stay in the raft as they paddled through class 2 and 4 rapids. Today they also cooked out all three meals, played games like volleyball and horseshoes, and did bible study.