Welcome to Camp (week 4)

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Welcome to Camp (week 4)

Summer might be well under way, but for our campers here this week, this is their first full day of camp! And they were loving it! They all got to participate in fun activities, and tonight, the whole camp will play Granny’s Candy and do Grooveship! Here’s what we were up to today:

The “Exploders,” as they are sometimes called, did sling shots and challenge course this morning before going for a swim right before lunch. This afternoon, they did arts & crafts and hiked to Horsethief Cave for Bible study. They also cooked out dinner over the fire!

Sports I
This group played both ultimate frisbee and soccer this morning before having Bible study and spending time playing GaGa and 9-Square. In the afternoon, they will play a unit activity, go swimming, and do slip ‘n slide and SuperSoakers.

The “Piros” did archery and explored Bobcat Cave this morning. They also went kayaking and played GaGa and 9-squre. In the afternoon, they went swimming, did arts & crafts, and had Bible study.

The Middlers did arts & crafts and had Bible study this morning. They cooked out lunch over the fire and then left for Werden’s Cave this afternoon. They came back just in time for challenge course.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrillers started their day with challenge course and Bible study. In the afternoon, they did archery, had their first canoe training session (getting ready for their overnight trip), and went swimming. Tonight they also cooked out dinner over the fire.

The Seniors went exploring in Werden’s Cave this morning and came back plenty muddy! This afternoon, they did arts & crafts with snack, did archery, and went swimming.

Night Owls
This group started their day with arts & crafts and challenge course in the morning. In the afternoon, they did sling shots, had Bible study, and went swimming. Tonight, once everyone goes to bed, they will have snack and do fire spinning!