Welcome Wednesday!

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Welcome Wednesday!

The sun gave us a bit of a break today as it was slightly cooler, but just as fun, read on to hear more about said fun!

Lewis Pioneers 🧭

After coming back from their overnight at PJ Meadow the Lewis Pioneers had Archery and Bible Study! After lunch they took on the Challenge Course and had a cookout dinner!


Discovery campers had a good time running and playing around in preparation for their cookout lunch this afternoon! After they were stuffed and had time to rest and recuperate the campers built and launched rockets at PJ Meadow!

Clark Pioneers ⛺️

The Clark Pioneers put in their all this morning as they hiked to Horsethief Cave where they saw horse bones and had Bible Study! Once they got back they went swimming and tried their hand at the Challenge Course!

Night Owls A 🌒

The Night Owls had an especially late night, or should I say early morning, as they stayed up until 6am last night and watched the sunrise! To keep themselves entertained they played Laughing Cow and Extreme Spoons! Once they were awake with the rest of us they had a breakfast cookout, went swimming and had Bible Study!

Sports II 🏆

Sports campers started their day with Archery, moved to Wiffle Ball, briefly stopped at Arts & Crafts, hopped in the pool, and finished with games of Kickball and Nuke ‘Em!

Night Owls B 🌙

Night Owl B woke up at 2pm after staying up until 6am launching rockets and playing Extreme Spoons! They had a cookout breakfast followed by Bible Study and Swimming!

Thrill Seekers🎢

The Thrill Seekers weren’t seen for ling as they played Kayak Polo this morning before packing up and heading to Central Park for an overnight trip where they will swim, float on Corcls, have a cookout dinner, and play games!

Extreme Adventure 🚌

Extreme Adventures went back to Wildman today to Whitewater Raft and after having lunch they swam and hiked to Long Slide Falls! They finished their day with Bible Study and a cookout dinner!