Wet Wednesday

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Wet Wednesday


Yesterday’s evening worship looked a little different than normal. Instead of sitting out by the campfire, campers got into their swimsuits and hopped into the pool and splashed around singing worship songs.

Rainy Day

We had to be flexible this morning as a lot of our planned camp activities were canceled due to rain and storm warning. However, counselors and campers were able to adapt quickly and we played some indoor games, had small group meetings, and even had a talent show. Even with this sudden change of plans, we still had a lot of fun and were able to resume our schedule when the sun came up after lunch.

Here is a brief look at what each group did today.


We welcomed a new group of explorers this afternoon. They played some introduction games and got to have some time in the pool.


Discovery had to work together to overcome obstacles in the challenge course and later went swimming. 


Pioneers are getting ready for their overnight camp out in PJ meadow.

Sports 1

Sports campers played some outdoor games, went swimming, and had Bible study.


Middlers took an off-site trip tubing down the Maquoketa River.

Water Adventures

Water Adventure took an offsite trip to Long Island Water Park.


Seniors played wiffle ball, went swimming, and had a cookout dinner.