Wet Wednesday

by on June 27,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

On a warm Wednesday, Camp Wyoming campers had a schedule full of fun things to do to hang out and cool off. Here’s what we were up to today:


The Pirates sailed the Seven Seas today, by building cardboard boats and racing them at the pool. They walked the plank and swam. They finished the afternoon with Bible study and kayaking.


Pioneer campers also got wet and wacky today, going both kayaking and creep stomping, with swimming in the afternoon. They chilled out before dinner with arts and crafts and Bible study.


The Middlers explored Werden’s Cave in the morning. They hit the pool in the afternoon, and went creek stomping before dinner.

Thrill Seekers:

Thrill Seeker campers embarked on an overnight trip to do some swimming and paddle boarding. They enjoyed a cookout dinner and group worship before bed.

Night Owls:

The Night Owls A group enjoyed a late night hike to Horsethief cave for a special overnight last night, and Night Owls B spent the afternoon at Werden’s Cave. Both groups enjoyed some 9-Square and GaGa ball before their 5 p.m. lunch.